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Memory Care

Caring for Patients with Memory-Impairment

Lotus Senior Care is experienced in the care of patients with cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s dementia, and other forms of memory impairment. Every member of our staff receives special training in the care of patients with dementia. We are extremely dedicated to providing care that is compassionate and preserves the dignity of each and every one of our residents.

We believe that our philosophy of engagement and enrichment is crucial in the care of patients with memory impairment. Our homes provide a safe and secure environment that our patients become familiar with and trust. We have an activities coordinator that comes to our home every week and organizes programs to keep our residents mentally and physically engaged. Our patient to staff ratio of 3 to 1 allows us to provide the attention and care that patients with dementia require.

The joys of life do not end with cognitive impairment. Instead, a new chapter in life begins.