Lotus Senior Care
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Activities & Outings

Social, physical, intellectual and spiritual stimulation are keys to personal growth and contentment, whatever your stage in life

At our homes, our enthusiastic activities coordinator comes in once a week and organizes a one-hour activities session with our residents. This activity changes from week-to-week. For example, one of the programs, called “Sit-and-Be-Fit”, is an exercise program designed for older patients with limited mobility that uses exercise bands, free weights, and exercise sticks. Another activity, “Reminiscing”, is an important program in memory care that engages our residents in discussion about past milestones and events. Other activities include Music Therapy, OCSPCA Pet therapy, among others.

In addition to these activities, every year we celebrate Mother’s Day with a tea party that the residents love! Family and friends are also invited to join us for our yearly Thanksgiving and Christmas-time parties.

Lastly, one of the highlights of the year is our annual Hot Air Balloon Ride at the Great Park in Irvine.